My solo/compo entry for Ludum Dare 43 ("Sacrifices Must Be Made").

I decided to break away from my usual 2D platformer style and do a rhythm based game, which I haven't done before. I was hoping to implement an online leaderboard for the game, but didn't have enough time (48 hours goes by too quickly). If I have time in the future I may revisit the game and add that in at a later date.  Ultimately I probably won't do another rhythm based game again since I don't feel like it gave me much freedom in the way of game mechanics, but it was still a fun project.


In the game, goats and people are randomly spawned to the beat of the music, and you have to either bless or sacrifice them based on the orientation of the cross (upright = bless humans/sacrifice goats, upside down = bless goats/sacrifice humans).

Hope you all like it!


F - Bless

J - Sacrifice


If the game doesn't seem synced up properly in the browser, try downloading and playing one of the available executables. 


Sacrificial Showdown (Windows).zip 55 MB
Download 92 MB
Sacrifical Showdown 41 MB
Sacrificial Showdown (macOS).zip 57 MB

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