My solo entry for Ludum Dare 41 (Combine 2 Incompatible Genres).

I decided to combine the "Choose Your Own Adventure" and 2D Platformer genres, since both were pretty important to me when I was growing up. Combined you get a lot of really jarring mood shifts though, since the two rely on much different pacing. 

I tried to reflect this in the graphics and the music -- the text based CYOA breaks are more stripped down and bare, with relaxing music, and the more twitch reflex based 2D platforming elements are busy and have more upbeat music. Graphics aren't anything magnificent obviously, but they fit well with the game as a whole.

Hope you all like it!


Move - WASD/Arrows

Jump - Spacebar

Skip dialog - Enter


Download 22 MB


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love this game!

When you fininsh the game and return to the title screen, two musics are playing at the same time. Far the rest was it a great game!

That was great.  Also cruel.  But, regardless, great.