Tiny Moon Runner

A small (~2.5kb zipped) ASCII endless runner, created for the Apollo 11 GC Game Jam.

The theme of the game jam was to create a game that took up less than 32 kilobytes of storage, which was the storage capacity of the Apollo 11 guidance computer.

Rather than trying to do as much as I could with the limitations, I decided to try making as small of a game as I could. I hadn't made a game in HTML/Javascript before, so I figured it could be a decent challenge.

The visuals in the game are accomplished using a 2D matrix of ASCII characters that are updated on a regular interval to achieve a constant "framerate", with the characters moved between rows and colums of the matrix to simulate motion.

All code is publicly available on Github here: https://github.com/benbusby/tiny-moon-runner


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Nice game